Chisel powder and gel

Chisel is the premier leading nail supplies distributor, provide complete lines of dipping powder technologies, 3D Stamp, Gel and Acrylic solutions. Our founder and partners have been in the nail industries for past 20+ years, in depth knowledge of the nail salon businesses and understands the nail trend industry, we constantly innovate and bring new solutions and technologies to enlighten everyone. We’re are the first in the industry to have 3D Chisel Stamp made to create nail art easy for nail technicians. Our expert nail artists also the first to came up with the “One Music Note Ombre” technique which is widely used and adapt by many nail technicians today. We’re proud to be recognized as the most booked nail educators classes worldwide. Our team of educators fly all over the world to showcase and demonstrate the latest products and techniques and we got extremely high level of satisfaction. Chisel have exclusive distribution right to Princess Nail Supply, all Chisel products will be available only through Princess Nail Supply.

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